Cold-Pressed Olive Oil

In addition to the excellent wine, there are 550 olive trees yielding around one litre per tree of the first cold-pressed oil.

In Tuscany, the olives are hand-picked before reaching complete ripeness. This process, known as 'brucatura', usually lasts from mid-November to mid-December. Extra-virgin oil is bottled from the first cold-pressing, using the traditional method of mill-stone or disk pressing. Tuscan oil has a distinct green colour and a fruity flavour with hints of aromatic herbs and freshly cut grass. It is typically drizzled on pasta or bread, but adds flavour to almost any dish.

Our oil is a complex blend of four different varieties of olive. The principal Tuscan olive (and the main component of our oil) is the Frantoiano. This is the 'benchmark' olive for oil in Tuscany, having a strong, fruity, slightly bitter flavour. Indeed, in Tuscany, the word for an olive oil processing mill is Frantoio. We also have Leccino which makes milder, sweeter oil and is sometimes used as a table olive. It is only found in Tuscany and isn't popular elsewhere as it has to be harvested by hand (as are all our olives). Finally we have Moraiolo which imparts a 'grassy' flavour and Pendolino which has a delicate flavour (but its principal purpose is to act as a pollinator for the Leccino).

Our olive oil is recognised by Michelin starred restaurants and the very finest oil connoisseurs. We urge you not to settle for second best. Please email us using the 'order buttons' below to order: